Stories in Bloom–Week 3

This week at storytime we featured books about frogs. I was inspired by a few different frog crafts. I combined my favorite elements from each and came up with this craft.

I have attached templates for the head, hands and tongue. Copy the head and hands onto green paper and the tongue onto red paper. The fly was an image I found on the internet.

We glued on googly eyes and drew on the mouth with a black marker. We used a pencil to curl the tongue. I cut strips of green paper to create the head band. We glued the frog head onto the head band. I punched holes in the hands and we tied them on with yarn!

The kids became frogs, there was a lot of hopping and ribbits going on. Everyone left ‘hoppy.’ 🙂

You will need:

Green and red paper



Googly Eyes


Hole Punch

frog head and hands

frog tongue


Stories in Bloom–Week 2

Storytime’s celebration of spring continues! This was a fun and easy craft. It was the first time we had tried this here at BPL. The kids really enjoyed it and their crafts turned out amazing!

bottle flowers b

We used the bottom of plastic bottles to paint flowers and cotton swabs to paint the flower stems, flower centers, and petals.

You will need:

White paper

Plastic Bottles

Washable Tempera Paint

Cotton Swabs


Stories in Bloom–Week 1

We are celebrating spring all month long at storytime! This was a very easy craft to prep.

Baby Bird

I cut a large circle out of brown paper and then cut it in half. I cut small pieces of brown yarn. I used the 2 inch hole punch and 2.5 inch scalloped hole punch for the bird’s body. I folded a piece of orange paper in half and cut triangles for the beak.


You will need:

Brown paper

Color paper for the birds

Orange paper for beaks


Glue sticks



It’s Raining Cats and Dogs–Week 4

I was so caught up in my personal life, I forgot to plan an Easter/bunny related craft for the second week of April! I was deeply saddened. My wonderful co-worker offered to read What’s Your Sound, Hound the Hound? by Mo Willems. Which features a bunny who doesn’t have a sound. He’s such an adorable bunny with a carrot printed tie, he easily filled the requirement of an April bunny related craft.

Mo Willems Bunny

I sketched the bunny and have attached the templates below. I used a 1.5 inch and 1 inch hole punch for the bunny’s eyes. I used a 2 inch hole punch for the bunny’s tail. I cut out random shapes to make it look fluffy. I cut a triangle out of orange paper and free handed the carrot top out of green paper. I cut out small rectangles for the teeth on white paper.


Copy the Rabbit Arms, Body, Head and Ears on brown paper. Copy the Rabbit tie on yellow or whatever color you chose. Copy the inner ears and nose on to pink paper.

You will need:

Brown, yellow, orange, white, pink and black paper



Rabbit Arms and Body

Rabbit Head and Ears

Rabbit Tie

Rabbit Ears and Nose



It’s Raining Cats and Dogs-Week 3

It certainly has been rainy. (Unfortunately the ‘Let it Snow’ theme in December wasn’t nearly as successful precipitation wise.)

This week’s storytime craft was inspired by a few adorable ideas and then as usual, I got carried away.

Dog with book

We read Good Boy, Fergus by David Shannon. I found an outline for a dog, very similar to Fergus. I cut it up to make the template, which I have attached. I traced the outline onto old newspapers. Using black paper, I cut out small circles for the eyes and a triangle for the nose. I drew on whiskers and a mouth. I also drew on the outline of his legs.


I cut out large pieces of paper for a background. I copied an outline of a dog house onto red paper.

You will need:



Color Paper



Dog Head and Body

Ears, Bone, Collar, Eyebrows

Dog House


It’s raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs all month long at storytime!

For the first week of storytime in April we read Chester by Melanie Watt. (A story about a cat who takes over a book about a mouse.) We actually made a mouse finger puppet for the craft to kick off our cat and dog themed month! Afterwards we had a special request to make a cat finger puppet the following week. I happily obliged.

The finger puppets use the same basic template. I cut a circle in half to make the body and then curled it into a cone. I have attached the templates for the mouse-body, arm, head and ears. I have also attached the template for the cat-body, head, tail and arm.

For the mouse I free handed a pink shape for inside of the ears. I also cut out a small black triangle for the nose. I cut a very thin piece of black paper for the tail. I free handed a triangle for the piece of cheese as well.

The cat’s eyes were almond shapes I free handed and then drew the iris on for the kids. I cut triangles for the inside of the ears and the cat’s nose. I did a Google image search for a ball of yarn and then copied that onto colored paper.

For both the mouse and cat, the arm is a strip of paper that we glued on the back of the cone and wrapped around the body.

You will need:


Glue Stick

Color Paper

Googly eyes


Cat Finger Puppet

Mouse Finger Puppet



Pete the Cat-Friendly Feuds Week 5

To wrap up the Friendly Feuds theme we read Pete the Cat Five Little Ducks. Pete begins the book with five duck friends but they disappear throughout the book and he ends up alone. In the end he’s reunited with the ducklings.

I have attached templates for the duck and Pete the Cat. I copied all the Pete parts onto blue paper. I copied the duck body onto yellow paper and duck’s beak/feet onto orange paper. You could definitely add more detail to the craft by personalizing the ducks or giving Pete accessories.


You will need:


Glue Sticks

Blue, yellow and orange paper

pete the cat duck beak and feet

pete the cat duck

pete the cat nose

Pete the Cat eyes

Pete the Cat Head

Pete the Cat Body

Pete the Cat Tail and Arms


Friendly Feuds-Week 4

The storytime theme for the month of March has been Friendly Feuds. It has been somewhat challenging finding children’s books that tie in with the theme. This week we are reading Mister Bud Wears the Cone by Carter Goodrich. I thought it would be fun to have a Pug craft, I combined a few ideas I found on the internet and created my own templates.

I copied the head, body, and legs template onto tan construction  paper. I copied the ears and face onto brown paper. I used the 1.5 inch and 1 inch paper punches to make the dog’s eyes. The collar was a free hand and sort of a last minute addition to the craft. I also used the 1 inch punch for the medallion on the collar. We drew on the mouth with a black marker. I curled the dog’s tail with pencil.


You will need:


Glue sticks

Tan, brown, black and white paper

Various colors of paper for the collars

Black markers

Pug ears and face

Pug head body and legs

Leonardo the Terrible Monster


Loosely tied in to the March Storytime theme of Friendly Feuds, we did a Leonardo the Terrible Monster craft. I free handed this design. Since he’s a monster, it didn’t have to be perfect but I think he turned out pretty well. The kids had a lot of fun creatively designing their own monsters.

I have attached templates for most of his body parts. For his arms and legs, I cut some of the strips in half for his legs. I also trimmed some of the strips a bit shorter for his arms. I did cut out horns and teeth but I didn’t use a template for those parts. I used a 1.5 inch paper punch for the eyes. I traced around the teeth, horns and eyes with a brown marker.

(I copied the templates on construction paper that I cut down to size to fit in the copier.)

You will need:

Tan, pink, blue and green paper

Brown markers

Glue sticks


Leonardo Feet Hands Nose

Leonardo Tails

Leonardo arms and legs

Leonardo Body

Leonardo Head

A few of the finished monsters!

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday-The Cat in the Hat Craft

For the month of March we are reading stories about Friendly Feuds. However, this week’s craft did not coincide with the monthly theme for Storytime. (Sorry, Julie!) This week’s Storytime was on the date of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, March 2. It was a great opportunity to do a character craft. I have done a couple Dr. Seuss crafts over the past few years but never the Cat in the Hat.

I have attached templates for the parts of the cat. I traced his face and head but I drew the rest of the parts. For the hat, I cut red strips of paper, glued them to the hat, and then folded the excess around the back of the hat.


You will need:

Black cardstock

Red paper

White paper


Glue sticks