November Storytime Crafts–Storytelling 101

For the month of November, we are reading books at Storytime that focus on different ways to tell a story.

float-9781481415248_hrThe first Storytime of the month, we “read” wordless books. Our craft was inspired by the book, Float by Daniel Miyares. We made paper sail boats. We used this template from Krokotak.  I found a generic paper doll template and printed it on card stock. I cut out small flags but I didn’t have template (I free handed it).

You will need: Sail Boat









For the second Storytime of the month, we read books with characters who talk to the reader. Which included, Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda. It took a few attempts but I was finally able to design a bunny template that would stand up! We drew on the boots, face and shaded the ears, with a pen or marker. We used chenille stems for his ski poles. We colored craft sticks with markers for his skis.

You will need:

White cardstock

Glue sticks


Chenille Stems

Craft Sticks

Bunny Slopes Bunny


The third Storytime of the month we focused on interactive books. We read Is Everyone Ready for Fun? by Jan Thomas. I was so caught up in making a cow craft, that I forgot to make a Thanksgiving craft for Storytime this year!

You will need:

Brown, tan and white card stock or construction paper


Glue sticks


Cow nose and hair

Cow Head

Cow Eyes

Its time to

The final storytime of November, we switched gears and started making ornaments for our Christmas Tree. Unfortunately, I don’t have a template for the owl ornament we made. I found an owl online and used it as a template. We made the body of our owl out of book pages.



October–Tell Me Some Tall Tales

Week 1’s craft was inspired by the book We are Growing by Laurie Keller. We Are Growing Craft Pic

You will need:

Green, yellow, white, and tan paper


Googly Eyes

Grass Templates

Grass Mouths

I used a scalloped paper punch for the dandelion. I copied the grass template onto various shades of green paper. I cut a long strip of brown paper for the dandelion. I printed the grass mouths on white card stock. We used a shorter strip of paper and curled it around our fingers, then glued it to the back of the grass to make it into a finger puppet.


For the second Stortyime of October, we read variations of the story about the three little pigs. I saw this cute craft online and it was very easy to make. Pig Craft

You will need:

Pink paper

Clothes Pins

Hole Punch

Googly Eyes



Chenille Stem/Pipe Cleaner

Pig Ears

Pig Body

Pig Heads

Copy the Pig Body and Head onto pink paper, I copied the pig ears onto a lighter shade of pink paper. I used the 2 inch paper punch on the light pink paper for the pig’s nose. We colored the clothes pins pink using markers. We used the hole punch to make a hole for the tail. We curled the chenille stem around our fingers to make a curly tail. Finished Pig Craft


Cupcake with Puffy Icing

The third Storytime of October, we read Buddy and the Bunnies in: Don’t Play with Your Food! by Bob Shea.  For the craft we made giant cupcakes with puffy paint icing. I found directions for how to make the puffy paint icing on i heart arts n crafts. I found a template for the icing and sketched the cupcake liner. I used the 1.5 inch and 1 inch paper punch to make the cherry. I just shaped it slightly to look more like a cherry. We cut small pieces of paper for sprinkles.  As the puffy paint dries, it’s not as vibrant.




You will need:

White and color card stock

Shaving Cream

Liquid Glue

Food Coloring


Glue Sticks

Large Craft Sticks (optional)

Cupcake Icing

Pink Cupcake

Teal Cupcake



Creepy Underwear

Jennifer and I were both excited about Aaron Reynolds’ new book Creepy Pair of Underwear. It timed perfectly to finish up the month of October and tie in with Halloween. My enthusiasm for Reynolds new book overshadowed any hesitation I might have had about an underwear craft. Overall the craft was well received and I only had to ask every single child that posed for a picture, not to hold the underwear as if they were wearing them.

I used a 1.5 inch hole punch for the eyes and traced the edges with black crayon. I used a crayon when making the templates because I thought it looked more like the book’s illustrations. We used a crayon to add the hair, eyebrows, and scars.

You will need:

Green and White card stock



Black crayons or makers

Creepy Underwear

Creepy Underwear Mouth and Ears

September-Storytime Crafts

The Storytime theme for the month of September was School Rocks!

We kicked off the month with a craft inspired by one of our favorite authors, Mo Willems. We have done a Knuffle Bunny craft in the past and we wanted to do something a little different this time. While pre-reading the book, we noticed Trixie has a Knuffle Bunny wall clock and that inspired our craft. Knuffle Bunny with picture of clock

For the large outer circle of the clock, I traced a 9 inch paper plate. I traced a 7 inch plate for the inside circle. I used the 1 inch circle paper punch to write the hours on. I have attached the template for Knuffle Bunny. I shaped Knuffle Bunny’s eyes from a 1 inch circle and traced around them with a black marker. We used a hole punch on the ears but poked the brass fastener through the clock, using brute force.

You will need:

Gray, green, blue, and white paper

knuffle bunny template


Black Marker

Hole punch

9 inch & 7 inch plate for tracing

The second week of September, we read Llama Llama Misses Mama by Anna Dewdney. I was excited to make a llama. I combined a few images I found online and came up with an adorable template (at least, I think so!).  llama by ME

I have templates for most of the llama pieces. I used the 1 inch and 1.5 inch paper punches for the eyes. I found a bow graphic online. I cut small rectangles of white paper for the teeth. We attached our llamas to a small wooden dowel rod.

You will need:

Tan, brown, black, white and pink paper

Llama head and ears

Llama neck

Llama mouth and nose

Llama hair and inner ear


1 inch & 1.5 inch paper punch or Googly eyes


Dowel rods-optional

fall treeFor the third week of September, Storytime was the day before the first day of Fall. We were hosting an outside group for a special Storytime and I was looking for a craft that wouldn’t overwhelm me with prep work. I found this great idea and it was easy to prepare.

I found an outline of a tree online and colored it brown. I made copies on white card stock. I rolled scraps of paper into cylinders, taped the edge,  and flattened both ends to make the paint brush. The result was a leaf shaped brush.

An Image of the cylinders, flattened into leaf shapes.

To wrap up the month, we read Z is for Moose by Kelly Bingham. We made a Moose headband. I copied the moose nostrils onto black paper, the moose noses and horns onto tan paper, and the moose heads onto brown paper. I cut strips of paper for the headband, which we glued the head onto. We had to add craft sticks to the back of the moose’s head and his horns for extra support. Lastly, we added googly eyes and smile.

Moose Headband

You will need:

Back of Moose headband

Craft sticks added to support head and horns.

Tan, Brown, and Black Paper

Moose Nostrils

Moose Heads

Moose Noses

Moose Horns

Googly Eyes


Craft sticks

Black Marker

That’s the September Stortyime craft wrap-up!

August Storytime Crafts

I hope to get back on more of a weekly blogging schedule but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet! This is a brief overview of the Storytime crafts that we completed during the month of August.

newspaper shark

To start of the month we made a newspaper shark. I think I have seen a very similar craft somewhere, which inspired this. I made templates for the Shark Body, Shark Mouth, shark’s teeth and the Shark Water. I cut out clouds and used a paper punch for the sun.

You will need:

Blue paper (2 shades)

Yellow, white, and black paper


Googly Eyes


sea serpent craft

August 7th was National Sea Serpent Day. I found the template for this craft on Learn Create Love website. I copied the template onto green paper. We added small triangles on the humps of the sea serpent and used a googly eye. I cut large pieces of paper, we painted on the water, and drew on a sun and clouds.

if you take a mouse to school


To celebrate back to school, we read If you take a Mouse to School by Laura Numeroff. I drew the Mouse Body and Feet (copy onto brown paper), the Mouse Nose and Ears (copy onto pink paper) and the Mouse Overalls (copy onto blue paper). I found a graphic for the Pencils for the Mouse, I did have to color the tips black. I cut thin strips of black paper for the whiskers. I free handed the tail and I do not  have a template for it. For the buttons on his overalls, I used the circles from a regular hole punch. I was really pleased with how this craft turned out.

We came across a fabulous book A Unicorn Named Sparkle by Amy Young and it is a must read. I actually laughed out loud while Jennifer was reading it, during a very dramatic moment in the book. I opted to do a unicorn instead of a goat craft. I do like goats but making a stick unicorn appealed to me more on this particular week. This is a two-sided craft. I copied the unicorn right facing and unicorn left facing onto card stock of various colors. I copied the unicorn horn onto white card stock, using a sharpie I had to trace the lines on the back of side of horn. I used the 1.5 inch paper punch for the eye and drew on the black part. Glue both sides of the unicorn together, insert the horn at the top and and a small dowel rod at the bottom. Using a hole punch, add as many holes as you’d like and we used yarn for the hair, which we attached using a slip knot method.

For the final Storytime of the month, my co-worker Jennifer, read one of her favorite childhood book’s The Monster at the end of this Book by Jon Stone.  For the craft we made a book. I found an image of bricks and printed them to the desired size for our books. I used the scalloped hole punch to make Grover. We added speech bubbles. We folded our paper, punched some holes and made a book. The kids really liked it, and some of them even began writing their own stories in their books.

That’s the August Storytime craft round-up!


Summer at the Library-Part 2

The month of July craft round up! The July storytime theme was ‘We are Makers!’

For some of the crafts, I could not find my templates! It was pretty chaotic and I do try to scan them as I go but I missed a few.

We started off the month by making a tool belt. This was a fun craft and very easy to make. tool beltFor the tool belt, I rounded the corners off of an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of card stock. I used a box cutter to cut lines for the tools to fit into the tool belt. I punched holes at the top on both sides and used yarn to tie it around the child’s body. I found some basic black and white tool shapes and printed them onto color card stock.

Our second craft of July, we made robots! I cut out various shapes in a variety of colors of card stock. We punched holes and used paper fasteners to give the robots moving parts.



The third week of July, I was inspired by the book I’m the Best Artist in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry. I sketched a squid shape and copied it onto color card stock. I printed a beret and mustache outline on black paper. We added curling ribbon as the arms and tentacles. I have attached the templates for the squid outline and the beret, mustache, and eyes.


duckling and pigeon

To wrap up July, we read The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? by Mo Willems. We made Duckling and Pigeon puppets. I copied the Pigeon Head and Body onto light blue paper and the Duckling Body and Pigeon Beak onto yellow paper. I used 2″ hole punch for the pigeon’s eye and the 1.5′ hole punch for the duckling’s eye. I cut out triangles for the second wing for each bird. I cut black strips of paper for their legs. I cut two shorter strips of paper to make the pigeon’s foot. I copied the template for the duckling feet and duckling beak onto orange card stock. I made a template for the cookies with and without nuts, which I copied onto tan paper. To finish up we glued the birds onto craft sticks.

That’s only a sampling of the crafts we did this summer at the library. I’d love to share crafts from other events over the summer. I’ll put that on my to do list. 🙂







Summer at the Library-Part 1

Summer is the busiest time of the year for us at the library. I haven’t had time for anything as frivolous as blogging. My number one priority has been stamping summer reading log books and handing out prizes. Although summer is far from over, the summer reading program has wrapped up. I can finally share some of the fun things we’ve been doing here at the library.

Midnight LibraryFor the last week of May, I was inspired by the Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara. I love the illustrations and we made our own book pages using the characters from the book. I carefully traced the characters from the book and copied them onto yellow paper. (Template for midnight library characters.) I found an image of a stack of books and a book case, then printed those on blue paper.  I’m also attaching the template for the tree.

For the month of June, our Storytime theme was Dream It!

For the first week of June, I gave the kids a blue piece of paper with an outline of a dog, plane, dinosaur, bunny, etc. Then they glued on cotton balls to create a cloud.

The second week of June, we designed our dream jumbo popsicle. I found a few basic popsicle shapes online and copied them onto color paper. The kids could choose from various decorations and a variety of sizes of craft sticks.

The third week of June, continuing our dream theme, we made dream catchers. The kids really enjoyed this craft. I cut the middle out of a paper plate. I punched a few holes around the center and few at the bottom of the plate. We decorated the plate with markers, beads, and stickers. We used yarn to weave through the holes. We also added a few pieces of yarn hanging down from the dream catchers.

For week 4, to celebrate the official beginning of Summer, we made a watermelon craft. I cut a paper plate in half. I cut one inch squares of green and pink tissue paper. We glued the tissue paper onto the paper plate. We added ‘seed’s by using a cotton swab and black paint. Then we glued our watermelon slice onto a jumbo craft stick.

CrownsFor the final week of June, we made a patriotic crown. I copied the crown template onto blue paper. I cut triangles out of red and white paper. We decorated the crown with stars. I punched holes onto both ends of the crown and tied them on with yarn.





Stories in Bloom–Week 3

This week at storytime we featured books about frogs. I was inspired by a few different frog crafts. I combined my favorite elements from each and came up with this craft.

I have attached templates for the head, hands and tongue. Copy the head and hands onto green paper and the tongue onto red paper. The fly was an image I found on the internet.

We glued on googly eyes and drew on the mouth with a black marker. We used a pencil to curl the tongue. I cut strips of green paper to create the head band. We glued the frog head onto the head band. I punched holes in the hands and we tied them on with yarn!

The kids became frogs, there was a lot of hopping and ribbits going on. Everyone left ‘hoppy.’ 🙂

You will need:

Green and red paper



Googly Eyes


Hole Punch

frog head and hands

frog tongue


Stories in Bloom–Week 2

Storytime’s celebration of spring continues! This was a fun and easy craft. It was the first time we had tried this here at BPL. The kids really enjoyed it and their crafts turned out amazing!

bottle flowers b

We used the bottom of plastic bottles to paint flowers and cotton swabs to paint the flower stems, flower centers, and petals.

You will need:

White paper

Plastic Bottles

Washable Tempera Paint

Cotton Swabs


Stories in Bloom–Week 1

We are celebrating spring all month long at storytime! This was a very easy craft to prep.

Baby Bird

I cut a large circle out of brown paper and then cut it in half. I cut small pieces of brown yarn. I used the 2 inch hole punch and 2.5 inch scalloped hole punch for the bird’s body. I folded a piece of orange paper in half and cut triangles for the beak.


You will need:

Brown paper

Color paper for the birds

Orange paper for beaks


Glue sticks



It’s Raining Cats and Dogs–Week 4

I was so caught up in my personal life, I forgot to plan an Easter/bunny related craft for the second week of April! I was deeply saddened. My wonderful co-worker offered to read What’s Your Sound, Hound the Hound? by Mo Willems. Which features a bunny who doesn’t have a sound. He’s such an adorable bunny with a carrot printed tie, he easily filled the requirement of an April bunny related craft.

Mo Willems Bunny

I sketched the bunny and have attached the templates below. I used a 1.5 inch and 1 inch hole punch for the bunny’s eyes. I used a 2 inch hole punch for the bunny’s tail. I cut out random shapes to make it look fluffy. I cut a triangle out of orange paper and free handed the carrot top out of green paper. I cut out small rectangles for the teeth on white paper.


Copy the Rabbit Arms, Body, Head and Ears on brown paper. Copy the Rabbit tie on yellow or whatever color you chose. Copy the inner ears and nose on to pink paper.

You will need:

Brown, yellow, orange, white, pink and black paper



Rabbit Arms and Body

Rabbit Head and Ears

Rabbit Tie

Rabbit Ears and Nose