About the Blog

Welcome to the Berryville Library Crafts Blog!

My name is Mary-Esther. I am the assistant director but artistic CEO, at least when it comes to the visual arts. This puts me in charge of all library crafts. My preferred medium is paper! I can re-create almost anything with paper, scissors, and a glue stick.dsc_5468

I decided to start this blog as a way to share some of the crafts we enjoy here at the library. I usually have an idea; that leads to scouring the internet and Pinterest. Often, I can find an image that’s close to what I’d like to do but I can’t find a template. Occasionally, I create an original template for a craft. We are short on space, and I usually end up recycling a lot of my hard work. By sharing them, I can recycle without remorse and hopefully others can benefit as well!

The primary focus of the blog will be toddler-friendly crafts, but I also do crafts for other ages, and seasonal decorations for the library’s walls. As a hub of creativity and community, the Berryville Library aims to help individuals of all ages tap talents and have fun. Crafting is a big part of this. By giving kids opportunities to make and create on a regular basis, we hope we are doing our best to inspire a future generation of makers and doers, as well as dreamers and readers.Save