Summer at the Library-Part 1

Summer is the busiest time of the year for us at the library. I haven’t had time for anything as frivolous as blogging. My number one priority has been stamping summer reading log books and handing out prizes. Although summer is far from over, the summer reading program has wrapped up. I can finally share some of the fun things we’ve been doing here at the library.

Midnight LibraryFor the last week of May, I was inspired by the Midnight Library by Kazuno Kohara. I love the illustrations and we made our own book pages using the characters from the book. I carefully traced the characters from the book and copied them onto yellow paper. (Template for midnight library characters.) I found an image of a stack of books and a book case, then printed those on blue paper.  I’m also attaching the template for the tree.

For the month of June, our Storytime theme was Dream It!

For the first week of June, I gave the kids a blue piece of paper with an outline of a dog, plane, dinosaur, bunny, etc. Then they glued on cotton balls to create a cloud.

The second week of June, we designed our dream jumbo popsicle. I found a few basic popsicle shapes online and copied them onto color paper. The kids could choose from various decorations and a variety of sizes of craft sticks.

The third week of June, continuing our dream theme, we made dream catchers. The kids really enjoyed this craft. I cut the middle out of a paper plate. I punched a few holes around the center and few at the bottom of the plate. We decorated the plate with markers, beads, and stickers. We used yarn to weave through the holes. We also added a few pieces of yarn hanging down from the dream catchers.

For week 4, to celebrate the official beginning of Summer, we made a watermelon craft. I cut a paper plate in half. I cut one inch squares of green and pink tissue paper. We glued the tissue paper onto the paper plate. We added ‘seed’s by using a cotton swab and black paint. Then we glued our watermelon slice onto a jumbo craft stick.

CrownsFor the final week of June, we made a patriotic crown. I copied the crown template onto blue paper. I cut triangles out of red and white paper. We decorated the crown with stars. I punched holes onto both ends of the crown and tied them on with yarn.






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