It’s raining cats and dogs

It’s raining cats and dogs all month long at storytime!

For the first week of storytime in April we read Chester by Melanie Watt. (A story about a cat who takes over a book about a mouse.) We actually made a mouse finger puppet for the craft to kick off our cat and dog themed month! Afterwards we had a special request to make a cat finger puppet the following week. I happily obliged.

The finger puppets use the same basic template. I cut a circle in half to make the body and then curled it into a cone. I have attached the templates for the mouse-body, arm, head and ears. I have also attached the template for the cat-body, head, tail and arm.

For the mouse I free handed a pink shape for inside of the ears. I also cut out a small black triangle for the nose. I cut a very thin piece of black paper for the tail. I free handed a triangle for the piece of cheese as well.

The cat’s eyes were almond shapes I free handed and then drew the iris on for the kids. I cut triangles for the inside of the ears and the cat’s nose. I did a Google image search for a ball of yarn and then copied that onto colored paper.

For both the mouse and cat, the arm is a strip of paper that we glued on the back of the cone and wrapped around the body.

You will need:


Glue Stick

Color Paper

Googly eyes


Cat Finger Puppet

Mouse Finger Puppet




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