Friendly Feuds-Week 4

The storytime theme for the month of March has been Friendly Feuds. It has been somewhat challenging finding children’s books that tie in with the theme. This week we are reading Mister Bud Wears the Cone by Carter Goodrich. I thought it would be fun to have a Pug craft, I combined a few ideas I found on the internet and created my own templates.

I copied the head, body, and legs template onto tan construction  paper. I copied the ears and face onto brown paper. I used the 1.5 inch and 1 inch paper punches to make the dog’s eyes. The collar was a free hand and sort of a last minute addition to the craft. I also used the 1 inch punch for the medallion on the collar. We drew on the mouth with a black marker. I curled the dog’s tail with pencil.


You will need:


Glue sticks

Tan, brown, black and white paper

Various colors of paper for the collars

Black markers

Pug ears and face

Pug head body and legs


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