Leonardo the Terrible Monster


Loosely tied in to the March Storytime theme of Friendly Feuds, we did a Leonardo the Terrible Monster craft. I free handed this design. Since he’s a monster, it didn’t have to be perfect but I think he turned out pretty well. The kids had a lot of fun creatively designing their own monsters.

I have attached templates for most of his body parts. For his arms and legs, I cut some of the strips in half for his legs. I also trimmed some of the strips a bit shorter for his arms. I did cut out horns and teeth but I didn’t use a template for those parts. I used a 1.5 inch paper punch for the eyes. I traced around the teeth, horns and eyes with a brown marker.

(I copied the templates on construction paper that I cut down to size to fit in the copier.)

You will need:

Tan, pink, blue and green paper

Brown markers

Glue sticks


Leonardo Feet Hands Nose

Leonardo Tails

Leonardo arms and legs

Leonardo Body

Leonardo Head

A few of the finished monsters!


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