Week 3 In the Wild Wild West

Every cowboy needs a guitar!

Once again, I got a bit carried away while designing this craft. I was concerned because this craft was a little more detailed than most of the ones we complete at storytime. But it turned out great and everyone seemed delighted with the finished project.


You will need:

Color Cardstock




Hole punch


Instructions: I copied the guitar neck, body and picks onto color card stock and then cut everything out. Using the hole punch, I made three holes in the guitar neck, to thread the yarn.



Start by gluing the neck/handle of the guitar to the guitar body. I traced a circle on black paper for the center hole of the guitar. I did an image search to find material for the ‘pick guard’ and then traced a teardrop shape and cut it out.

I cut a piece of yarn, long enough to thread through the holes on the neck/handle and down to the ‘bridge.’ For the bridge, I cut out a rectangle and punched three holes in it. I ended up with an end of yarn on the neck and bridge. I tied them off. Glue the bridge to the body of the guitar. I used a 1 inch hole punch for circles to put over the yarn at the top.

I cut out a rectangle to ‘personalize’ my guitar strap. I taped some yarn to the back of the body of the guitar to create a strap.



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