Stick Horses-Wild West Storytime

February’s Storytime theme is all about the Wild Wild West! This is such a fun theme and the kids are really enthusiastic about it.

We decided to kick it off with a stick horse. I traced an outline for a horse head and an extra ear. The templates are attached. Each horse will require two horse heads. We started by gluing the horse hair onto one side of the horse’s head. You can also add the second ear at this point.


After gluing the hair, we applied a lot of glue all over the inside of the horse head, added a dowel rod and pressed on the other side of the horse head. I used two small pieces of tape at the bottom of the horse’s neck, just to secure it until the glue dried.


We added a star or diamond to the horse’s nose. We used a marker to add the nose and mouth. For the bridle, we looped some yarn around the horse’s nose and tied it behind their neck.


You will need:

Brown, black and white paper

Small wooden dowel rods (We used 3/16 inch)

Glue sticks


Large googly eyes

Tape (optional)





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