Mustache Baby-Wild West Storytime

Our time in the Wild West continues! Jennifer, our story reading specialist, read Mustache Baby by Bridget Heos. We love this book. It’s such a fun story and the kids really enjoyed it too.

My idea for the craft was fairly simple. The kids could be good guys or bad guys, the difference represented by their choice of mustache. We also made cowboy hats as part of the craft. For a great variety of hat templates, visit First Palette.  I have attached the templates for the cowboy hat below. We added yarn to tie the hat under their chins, using a hole punch. I also cut some strips of paper to add to their hats as a band.


I found a simple sheriff badge image and printed it on yellow paper. I also designed a wanted poster. Both templates are attached.

For the mustaches, I found the styles we wanted online and printed them on color paper. The kids taped them to small wooden dowels. The result, another fun filled storytime!

You will need:

Various colors of paper



Small wooden dowels (we used 3/16 inch)








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