Let It Snow!-Snowy Owls

For the third week of our Let It Snow! Storytime series we featured a Snowy Owl craft! I love owls and I quickly fell in love with this craft from I Heart Crafty Things!

I made a few modifications to the craft and the kids absolutely loved it!


I used a 1.5″ and 1″ paper punch for the eyes. (You could use a black marker on the yellow circle to complete the eye.) Working in a library, I have access to books and for the past year and a half a condensed book has sacrificed itself to many crafts. I cut a half circle out of book pages to make the wings. I cut small triangles out of black paper for the beaks.

The bottom or closed end of the bag will be the top of your owl. First the kids glued the eyes, beak and wings onto the paper bag. They also drew on the feathers using the black marker. Using shredded paper, we stuffed the bag until it was about two-thirds full. We used tape to close the bottom/open end of the bag. You can fold the extra part of bag or cut it off. After we stuffed and closed the bag, we pinched the top part of the bag to make ears/tufts.


You will need:

White paper bags

Glue sticks

Yellow and Black Paper

Newspaper or book pages



Black marker

Shredded paper



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