Let It Snow!-Penguins

For the month of January the Storytime theme will be Let it Snow! Living in Arkansas the weather can be unpredictable. Snow is not guaranteed but yesterday we did have a dusting! Maybe with a month long theme of willing it to snow, we will see some accumulation!

This was a very quickly designed craft. It came together in less than two days.


You will need:

Card stock or color paper



Large googly eyes






I copied the body, head and wings onto black card stock. I copied the feet and beaks onto orange paper. I copied the face/hearts and belly onto white paper. (I cut inside the black lines for the heart/face and the belly.) I found a simple sock hat template online and used that for the hats. I used a 2.5″ scalloped paper punch to make the pom pom. Instead of googly eyes, we used the 1.5″ and 1″ circle paper punches to make the eyes.


Be sure to check back throughout the month for our other fun snow themed crafts!




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