December Crafts

It’s been kind of crazy around here! During the month of December I didn’t really create any brand new original crafts. I did find some really amazing ideas and we used those instead. I thought I would go ahead and share what the past month of crafting looked like and I’ll tell you where I found inspiration.

We started off the month by making a winter wreath.


You will need:

Paper Plates

Construction Paper





I cut the center out of a paper plate as the base for the wreath. I found some outlines for a mitten and tree online. I used a 2.5″ scalloped paper punch in coordinating colors to fill in the wreath. I added a larger white circle and made it look like a snowman. It was definitely missing something until I added the top hat. I glued all the shapes onto the paper plate, added yarn and we had an easy Winter Wreath for storytime!


I loved this Rudolph craft. I found in on I Heart Crafty Things. You can find the templates and instructions here:


To finish up the month, we made a New Year’s Clock. The craft that inspired ours came from the Pinterested Parent. You can find it here

The clock we made was a little different so I’ll share our supply list.

You will need:

White and color Paper




Brad or brass fasteners

Large googly eyes

I cut out two circles, a larger white one and then a slightly smaller colored one. Yet again, I used the 2.5″ scalloped paper punch and the star punch. I found a template online for the hands of the clock. I cut out a triangle for the clock’s hat and added a scalloped punch as a pom pom. I actually used a 1.5″ and 1″ circle punch for the eyes. I wanted them to lie flat so the hands of the clock could easily pass over them. Then I drew on the mouth with a black marker.







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