Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

I love a holiday that provides easy inspiration for crafts! This week I had three programs at the library requiring a craft. I came across so many cute turkey crafts, it was hard to choose!

For our Tween Book Club we made a festive turkey with a fan tail. I found a very similar craft and decided to make templates for it (attached below).

I started by deciding how big to make the fans for the tail. I cut strips of paper in three sizes, 6, 4, and 3 inches. I cut the strips long ways on the paper and then glued the two strips together (along the short edge) to form a very long narrow piece of paper. I folded them accordion style and then taped the center of the two ends together to make a fan. I repeated this process to make the other fans. If you fold your fans tightly, you might be able to fit them together. Mine were spread apart. There are two turkey bodies for this craft. The brown/main one and a second one to reinforce the body with a paper tail to attach the fans to.



You will need:

Construction paper or card stock-brown, red, orange, yellow

Scrapbook paper (optional)

Googly eyes


Glue sticks





Two strips, glued together and folded accordion style. photo-21Fanned out


Side view of Turkey with fan tail




I found an adorable Turkey craft for storytime that included turkey’s with legs! It’s a little different than any other turkey craft we have done in the past. I modified it slightly and created templates, which are attached.


I used construction paper for the turkey body. I had some trouble shrinking the template so it could be scanned. I don’t think it will be quite to scale.

For the buckle on the pilgrim hat, I cut a rectangle of yellow paper, then a smaller rectangle out of black paper and layered them.

You will need:

Construction Paper-brown, red, yellow, orange, black, white

Large googly eyes (I used a 1.5 in and 1 in paper punch to make the eyes)


Glue sticks





The final Turkey craft of the week paired well with the book we are reading for Book Nuts. (Book Nuts is our book club for 1st-3rd graders.) We are reading Thanksgiving with the Tappletons’ by Eileen Spinelli. We are making a thankful book.



I cut a piece of card stock in half, one 8.5 x 11 in. piece of paper can make two books. We have a roll of butcher paper and I used that to cut down to size as filler paper for the book. Of course, you could use any kind of paper cut to fit in your book.

I used a hole punch to make holes in the book and paper. Take a rubber band, poke one end through a hole and insert the end of the a craft stick, repeat on the other hole.

You will need:

Paper-various colors

Googly eyes

Craft sticks

Rubber bands

Hole punch

Glue sticks


Enjoy! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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