Counting Jellyfish Craft


This week at story time we are focusing on numbers.

I found a similar craft made with felt in a ‘busy book’ for toddlers. I modified it to be a paper craft. I created a template that can be copied onto card stock or whatever type of paper you like.

After cutting out the half circle, I punched holes for the ‘tentacles.’ I used yarn (because we have that readily available) but using a cord or ribbon might work better. I had to re-tie some of the knots because the beads were falling off.

I have attached the templates for the ‘jellyfish’ in various colors.

You will need:

Color card stock

Yarn or Ribbon

Pony Beads

Large googly eyes (I have 1.5 inch and 1 inch hole punch that I used to cut circles for the eyes)


Hole punch



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